Welcome to the challenge!!

7 Days of Yoga Challenge

Our 5 Tips To Stick to the Challenge 


Create a space: Find a place in your house, in your garden, which will be your sanctuary. Your special place where you will be practicing your yoga every day. Have your yoga mat handy. You might want to have encens, or candles or music. Maybe an eye pillow for your savasana.


Create time: Block out time off your schedule (20-30 minutes/day) where you know it will be your ME time. Let your partner, flatmate, family know that during that period, they shouldn’t interupt you.


Join our Facebook Group: A Safe place where you can meet other yogis & people doing the challenge. Share your practice, your tips or insights. Sharing with other people and reading other people’s posts will help you stay motivated and stick to the challenge. Make sure to introduce youself before we start the challenge. 


Find an accountability buddy: Find a friend or family member that you think would enjoy joining you on this challenge. Again, this will really help you stick to your challenge. you don’t need to be physically together but you might want to organise a time where you can do the practice simultaneously.

** If you don’t have any person in your entourage, reach out on the Facebook group and we will help you find someone. 


Share the news: Let the people around you that you are doing this challenge. Write a post on your favorite social media. Again the idea is to keep yourself accountable. Once you have set yourself a goal and shared it out loud, it is more likely you will achieve it.

So don’t be shy and share! and don’t forget to tag us if you want to be reshared. 
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About Victory Yoga

Victory Yoga offers a range of outdoor & online yoga classes, meditation, AcroYoga & fun events all aligned with health and well being. 

“We tend to prefer morning classes because we believe that starting the day with something that is good for you has such a great impact on the rest of your day.”

Imagine waking up and in your first hour of the day, you have already achieved something incredible. By you making that one decision to attend a sunrise yoga class, you started your day off right, creating that ripple effect over the rest of your day, the rest of your life. One day at a time, creating a habit that leaves you fulfilled, where you walk into work with a smile on your face, a calmness in your heart, feeling energised and the mental clarity to handle anything that is thrown at you.

The feeling of victory and accomplishment so that you can conquer your morning & your days – that is what we give to you at Victory Yoga.