Join Our Next AcroYoga Retreat Around Sydney

Elevate Your AcroYoga Practice with a Retreat in Sydney

Join Our Next AcroYoga Retreat Around Sydney

Elevate Your AcroYoga Practice with a Retreat in Sydney

Embrace Connection and Empowerment at Our AcroYoga Retreat

An unforgettable AcroYoga retreat where adventure meets tranquility. Nestled in a serene location, our retreat offers a perfect blend of AcroYoga sessions, mindfulness practices, and relaxation.

Over the course of this retreat, you will:

  • Deepen Your Practice: Engage in expert-led AcroYoga workshops tailored for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Experience the joy of partner yoga, fostering trust, communication, and connection.
  • Find Inner Peace: Complement your physical practice with guided meditation and breathwork sessions.
  • Nourish Your Body: Enjoy wholesome, nutritious meals prepared with love, catering to all dietary needs.
  • Explore and Recharge: Take time for yourself in a serene setting, whether it’s a peaceful hike, a quiet read, or a relaxing dip in the pool.

This retreat isn’t just about mastering poses; it’s a journey towards inner balance, strength, and community spirit.

Come and experience the transformative power of AcroYoga, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Mark the date

When: 8-10 Nov 2024

Where: Bowen Mountain, NSW (1.5 hour from Sydney) 

Price: See below options

What’s Included:


3 days and 2 nights in beautiful retreat accommodation nestled amidst the natural beauty of the Bowen Mountain.


5 Delicious vegetarian meals and afternoon snacks (we cater for any dietary requirements)


Daily AcroYoga workshops with experienced teacher. Morning Yoga and breathwork


Complementary Use of Outdoor Salt Pool


Fun activities and ice breakers 

Goodie Bag

Welcome Goodie Bag

What’s NOT included:

  • Transportation: The retreat package does not include transportation to/from the venue. 

  • Optional Activities: While the retreat provides a range of optional activities, such as massages, any additional expenses incurred during these activities are not included in the retreat package.

  • Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages are not included in the retreat package. If you choose to consume alcoholic beverages during the retreat, the cost will be at your own expense.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone interested in AcroYoga, regardless of experience level
  • Couples or friends looking to deepen their connection
  • Yogis or fitness enthusiasts looking for a new challenge
  • Those seeking a break from their busy lives and a chance to connect with nature and like-minded individuals

Acro Yoga really is for everyone. There is no age, physique, level of fitness required.

You don’t need to bring a partner. 


To secure your spot for the retreat, please follow these steps:

1. Pay the $100 deposit: Use the form below to submit your payment of the $100 refundable deposit. This deposit ensures your reservation and secures your place in the retreat.

2. Confirmation from our team: Once we receive your deposit, a member of our team will promptly reach out to you. They will inform you about the available room options and help you choose the one that best suits your preferences.

3. Pay the remaining balance: To fully secure your room, you will need to make the remaining payment. Please note that room assignments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Prompt payment will ensure that you get your preferred room option.

4. Stay tuned for more details: As the retreat date approaches, we will provide you with additional information about the venue, including the schedule, workshops, and the flow that we will be learning during the retreat. 


The pricing for the retreat varies based on the room type you choose. Here are the price ranges, inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax), per person.

The retreat package includes accommodation, meals, AcroYoga workshops, guided activities, and access to all provided amenities during the retreat.

  • Quad Room: From $825 (incl. GST) per person
  • Triple Room: From $875 (incl. GST) per person
  • Double Room: From $925 (incl. GST) per person
  • Single room: From $1099 (incl. GST) per person

    *NOTE – If you wish to share a room, please let us know and we will match you accordingly.

    ** PAYMENT PLANS are available. You can email our team to inquire about it.

    Please note that these prices are subject to availability and are based on a shared room occupancy.


    Venue Information & Photos

    Situated approximately 1.5 hour from Sydney,

    The Bowen Mountaint Rereat is the ideal spot for an AcroYoga retreat in nature and to foster connections.



    Day 1

    • Arrival and check-in
    • Welcome circle and introduction to the retreat
    • Delicious dinner to nourish your body
    • Evening AcroYoga practice and partner stretching to ease into the retreat vibes


    Day 2

    • Sunrise meditation and movement session
    • Enjoy a wholesome breakfast to fuel your day
    • Engage in an invigorating AcroYoga workshop led by experienced instructor
    • Embrace free time for relaxation, journaling, or optional activities like swimming, indulging in massages, or exploring the picturesque surroundings
    • Recharge with a delectable lunch
    • Immerse yourself in an afternoon AcroYoga workshop, delving deeper into your practice
    • Unwind and socialise during a group dinner


    Day 3

    • Start your day with a satisfying breakfast
    • Engage in a captivating morning AcroYoga workshop followed by a fun and memorable photoshoot
    • Gather in the closing circle, reflecting on your journey and celebrating your achievements
    • Check-out and farewell to your newfound AcroYoga community

    Please note that this is just a rough program and the actual schedule may vary depending on the specific retreat and the preferences of the participants and organizers.

    About Your Host

    Meet Valerie, an expert in the art of acroyoga. With years of training and practice under their belt, Valerie has become a sought-after acroyoga teacher in Australia.

    Known for her passion and expertise, Valerie brings a unique and dynamic energy to her classes. Her teaching style is both fun and challenging, helping students to push their boundaries while also fostering a sense of community and connection.

    Whether you’re a seasoned acroyoga practitioner or a complete beginner, Valerie’s classes are tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. With a focus on safety, alignment, and proper technique, Valerie will guide you through each pose and transition, helping you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance along the way.

    “My goal is to help people become more conscious and aware and make this world a better place to stay, 1 yoga class at the time.”

    What our students say about our AcroYoga classes:

    “I have been looking for an opportunity to learn acro for years and this program is the perfect introduction to Acro Yoga. Valérie is a great instructor for all levels. She provides you with the skills and confidence you need enjoy the beautiful and sometimes complex sport of Acro Yoga!”
    I’m familiar with Acro, doing this workshop really helped me communicate with other people and discuss positioning of feet on people taller and shorter than myself. Usually I do this with one person, becoming used to that interaction. I’m glad I got to base and I actually can do that properly!
    Joanna Signorelli
    “I absolutely love coming to Victory Yoga with unusually perfect class combinations, like acupuncture and yoga, or sound healing and yoga. It’s great value for money, because to attend those activities separately would be triple the price but you get two in one, doubling the cure! Plus Valerie is an amazing teacher full of vitality. I always feel revived and refreshed when I leave.”
    Reena Dhupar


    Is prior experience in AcroYoga required to attend the retreat?

    No prior experience is required to participate in the retreat. Our program is designed to accommodate all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

    What type of accommodation is available during the retreat?

    We have shared or private rooms, single and queen beds.

    Are dietary restrictions and preferences accommodated?

    Yes, we strive to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences to the best of our abilities. During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to provide information about any dietary restrictions or preferences you have.

    What is included in the retreat package?

    The retreat package typically includes accommodations, meals, and daily workshops and activities. Additional activities or services may be available for an extra fee.

    What if I have an injury?

    Make sure you mention the injury to your teachers. We recommend seeking professional advice before starting.

    What should I bring with me to the retreat?

    Participants should bring comfortable clothing suitable for yoga and movement, a yoga mat, water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent, and any personal items they may need. A detailed packing list may be provided by the retreat organizers.

    Can I attend the retreat alone?

    Absolutely! Many participants join our retreats as solo travelers. Our welcoming and inclusive environment provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, make new friends, and create a sense of community during the retreat.

    Is transportation to and from the retreat center provided?

    Transportation to and from the retreat center is usually not included in the retreat package, but organizers can provide recommendations for transportation options.

    Can I extend my stay later than the retreat dates?

    Extensions may be possible, subject to availability. Please contact our retreat coordinators directly to inquire about any desired changes to your retreat dates. 

    What is the cancellation policy?

    We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel your participation in the retreat. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

    • Deposit Refund: The $100 deposit is refundable, with a deduction of the small Eventbrite transaction fee. 

    • 100% Refund: If you decide to cancel before 60 days prior to the event, a 100% refund of the total amount paid will be provided.
    • 50% Refund: If you decide to cancel within 60 days prior to the event, a 50% refund of the total amount paid will be provided.

    • No Refund: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any refund for cancellations made within 30 days of the event start date.

    For more detailed information or to initiate the cancellation process, please contact our retreat support team.


    Can’t make this retreat but you would like us to keep you posted about our next retreat? Fill your contact below: 

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