Benefits Of Practicing Yoga At Sunrise

by Nov 25, 2019Blog

Who doesn’t love a few extra minutes in bed in the morning? There’s something lovely about taking it easy in the morning. But what about having some reasons (other than having to get to work!) to actually get out of bed early? Did you know that practicing yoga for just 20 minutes in the morning can positively change your day? You see, yoga isn’t just for fitness fanatics or gym junkies. Yoga is perfect for people from all walks of life – students, busy mothers, shift-workers, corporate executives – even you! So why should you consider a sunrise yoga session? Read on to find out! 

1. Put yourself first!

Yoga is about putting yourself first – not in a selfish way, but for true self-care. Start the day off right by investing in your health and wellbeing. Exercise, especially yoga has been proven to have many benefits to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Who doesn’t want to improve on that?

2. Keeping the body, mind and spirit engaged.

In our modern minds, we often think of health in terms of our mental health, physical health, emotional health and spiritual health. We look after our physical health through eating well and exercise. We look after our mental health by practicing mindfulness. We look after our emotions by nurturing friendships & connections with those we love and trust. Yoga both transcends and combines these realms, teaching you to focus your attention towards enlightenment. Now imagine starting the day by engaging all these realms and aligning these correctly every day – how much more effective is that compared to a coffee!

3. The beach is the PERFECT place to start your morning.

Before the day heats up, before your kids, your partner, your boss and life make its demands on you, take the time out for yourself. There’s something amazing about yoga, and there’s something amazing about the beach at first light. When was the last time you enjoyed the sunrise over the beach? When you watched the sun just start peaking over the horizon?? Breathe in the best that nature has to offer while you connect, relax and engage.

4. Heal.

An important part of yoga is about being in tune with your inner-self. Learning to listen to that little voice inside. That voice we so often try to push aside in the name of being ‘busy’. Well, that little voice has a purpose, and it helps us by telling us what is really important. It helps us take care, love, nurture and most importantly – heal. Who doesn’t need more of that? The sun has a healing effect on your nervous system. It also helps stimulate the production of melanin & boost your metabolism.

5. It’s all about perspective.

You know, gravity can get you down sometimes. Interactions you’ve had at work, with your loved ones, stressful situations and the noise of life. Yoga has been proven to put things into perspective. To help you understand what’s worth investing into, and what can wait for another time. It helps calm those things trying to grab your attention and focus on what’s truly important to you, focus on what truly matters.

6. The future belongs to the early risers!

As simple as it sounds, the very act of just getting up early and doing something good for yourself puts you ahead of pretty much everyone else. It puts you in control of you. Exercise, especially yoga helps release all the ‘feel-good’ endorphins, empowering you to seize the day! You can’t leap the hurdles of life without a spring in your step, do get up earlyand enjoy doing something positive for yourself!

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