Keep your employees fit, healthy, and energised. Bring yoga and wellness to your workplace.

Corporate Yoga for Teams

Sydney Corporate yoga – online & in-person


Corporate Yoga for Teams

Get moving and feel amazing

Let’s start with the obvious, it simply feels amazing! (Especially after hours sitting at a desk)

Yoga helps improve mental clarity

Yoga counters stress and overwhelm, clearing the mind for better decision-making

Get focused and motivated with yoga

Boosts energy, motivation, and the focus required for deep work

Elevate your mood and connect with coworkers

Elevates the collective mood and creates a feeling of connection between employees

What’s Included

  • This program is an inclusive and progressive series of classes that combine Yoga movements, breath, and meditation to enhance overall employee wellbeing.
  • We deliver 30-60 min classes on a recurring weekly or monthly basis. The schedule can be customised to suit your team’s health goals and preferences.
  • Your team will be matched with one of the best yoga teachers in Sydney. Classes can be conducted either online or in-person at your location (we can also arrange to rent a Sydney yoga studio nearby).
Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

Who it’s for…

This program is for organisations and teams that are…

    • Ready to start their wellness journey and enhance their experience at work
    • Performing at a high level and conscious about doing so sustainably to avoid burnout
    • Curious about integrating holistic practices into the workplace 
    • Building a work environment where each team member feels nurtured and empowered
    • Convinced that self-care is a (not so secret) competitive advantage

This program is not for you if you are…

  • Looking for a “quick-fix”
  • Not keen on trying new things (and having a laugh while doing it!)

    How to get started:

    1. Fill out the short form below to let us know what you’re looking for
    2. We will call you within 24h to discuss options and follow up with a quote
    3. Upon acceptance of the quote, we will onboard your team
    4. Throughout your program we will collect feedback from you and your team to improve your experience.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Are your classes for everyone?

    Absolutely. We cater to all bodies, ages, and abilities. We offer dynamic sessions as well as gentle classes. If you don’t have room in your offices for yoga mats we can offer standing or even chair yoga! 

    We’ll work with you to make sure we offer something for everyone and all feel welcome to join, no matter what their fitness level.

    What if there’s not enough space in my workplace to practice yoga?

    We also offer standing or chair yoga at your desk (ideal for zoom classes). Otherwise, we can organise a space in a studio or park near your office.

    How often do you recommend yoga classes?

    Yoga is most effective when practiced at least once a week or more over an extended period of time. If you just want your team to try it out first or learn a few simple techniques, we can arrange fortnightly or monthly classes to start.

    How long are your programs?

    Our programs run for 3 months minimum, and ideally extend to 6-12 months or more. 

    Like most things in life, your team will get more benefits out of Corporate Yoga when a regular schedule is in place.

    What other wellness services do you offer for teams?

    We also offer the following special events or programs:

      • Acroyoga – connect with your teammates to make fun acro poses together
      • Inversions – overcome your fears and practice headstands or handstands in a secure and safe environment 
      • Silent Disco – dance your way through yoga poses to the beat of a live DJ set
      • Sound Healing – rest into blissful relaxation to the sound of singing bowls
      • Wellness Keynotes – inspire your team with a talk on creating optimal balance
      • Breathwork – teach your team how to self-regulate through breath when dealing with stressful work challenges 
      • Acupuncture –

    Beyond Yoga, we work with trusted practitioners and partners to offer a host of modalities such as massages, acupuncture, energy healing. Please get in touch to learn more.

    Do you cater for events?

    Yes, we can help bring some Yoga to your events! Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


    Recently we engaged Valerie Saindon to run a Yoga session during our major business conference. I’m delighted to say that Valerie was a pleasure to deal with but (most importantly) our delegates loved her session. Many said, it was the perfect way to recalibrate and reset between our heavy business sessions. Naturally, we’ll be having Valerie Saindon back at all future events.”

    Dale Beaumont

    CEO & Founder, Business Blueprint

     “Victory Yoga is such a wonderful way to energise and focus your mind and stretch your body. As a total beginner Valerie was so kind and patient. I will be back because after you do a session your body will thank you and because Valerie is amazing.”


    Kerry Stevenson

     “Valerie is fantastic. We’ve used her services for a few corporate sessions for some stretching and breathing for busy professionals. She’s patient and explains what she’s doing really well and the participants appreciate the session and her bright, friendly disposition. Highly recommended.”


    Angus Pryor