Embracing changes with Yoga & Mindfulness

by Apr 9, 2021Blog

Change is the only constant – Heraclitus

You have heard it in the past; the only constant in life is change. As cheesy as it sounds to be quoting an Ancient Greek philosopher, there is so much wisdom to learn from this.

Change is constantly surrounding us: change of seasons, change of weather (we definitely had a taste of that this summer), change of our way of working, living, changes in our body (yep we are not getting any younger), etc. The last 12 months+ have packed with changes! Some people had their life take a complete 360!

1. Change is GOOD!

Don’t get me wrong, change is GOOD! Changes are awesome. We can only grow through changes. There are of course some things we will miss when our life changes, but there is always a bright side. Less than 2 years ago, working from home was a big no-no for most companies. And now, a lot of employees have the leisure to work from home, be productive and enjoy more time with their family as they are not commuting as often.

Bottom line; we need to adapt to survive. However, Humans are wired to like routine and to resist changes. That’s just how our brain works.

2. How to embrace changes

​So how do we deal with change? How do we make big changes go a little smoother? There are a few ways to create new ways, new ideas, new behaviours, new neuropathways. ​

I listed below a few ideas to get you started:

1. Meditate

Meditate will bring you more awareness. Being mindful of how you are and what you are going through will help you adapt better to changes. Once you can recognise changes, you can deal with them better, with more mindfulness.

2. Embrace

As I mentioned above, there are always 2 sides to a coin. Remaining positive, despite the fact that we might not yet see the positive outcome, will help you. Positive people are happier.

3. Choose your battles

Some changes may require you to fight back, and that’s ok. Make sure you choose the battles that are worth fighting. Otherwise, you will end up burning yourself out by wasting too much energy.

4. Breath, accept and let go

Some changes will suck! (excuse my french). And as painful and annoying this can be, sometimes we just have to accept it and move on. There is no point holding on to things we cannot change.

5. Move energy

Movement, such as yoga, will help you move trapped energy in your body and release some feel-good hormones to make you feel better.


3. Yoga and changes

As mentioned above, yoga can help you move through changes more easily. Try our 30-min Flow on Youtube :

A very grounding flow to help you embrace the changes. Whether it’s the change of season, change of energy, change in your life, this flow will help you open your heart to new energy. It is filled with yummy twists to release and hips openers. 

Movement is a great way to move energy in your body and allow the unstuck energy to release. Allow yourself to surrender into this flow. As to embrace changes, we need to let go.

4. Reflect

Grab your journal or a pen & paper. Journaling can really help you deal better with changes and grow. Here are a few prompts to help you reflect on changes:

  1. Can you identify some major changes in your life in the last 12 months? How did you react to it? What emotions did you feel? How did it feel at the beginning compared to the end? What did you learn?
  2. What is your ideal way to deal with changes? How can you implement this in your life?
  3. Any changes you would like to bring into your life? 
  4. When was the last time you felt stuck or frustrated? Can you identify the reason why? Can this be a motivation to bring changes into your life?

6. Frustration leads to Growth

And finally, feeling stuck, frustrated, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Often it is when we feel uncomfortable that we usually take the first step towards change, towards growth. 

Happy Changing! 

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