Everything you’ve wanted to know about AcroYoga

by Jan 29, 2020AcroYoga

You’ve probably heard about Acroyoga or you might have witnessed group of people doing acroyoga in Bondi or in Sydney and wonder what is it really? Read on to learn everything you’ve wanted to know about acro yoga?  

1. What do I love about Acro Yoga?

One thing that Acro Yoga gives is that connection between two people. I’ve read lots of studies about the benefits of touch, and without a doubt with the right partner the and bond you get with Acro Yoga is just sensational!

What many people love about Acro Yoga is how much fun it is! Without a doubt, there are so many health benefits of Acro Yoga too, just like practicing normal yoga. I’m just so thankful to be able to do Acro Yoga at Bondi – the world’s best beach!

2. What is Acro Yoga – how is it different to yoga?

In Acro Yoga, any areas you need to develop (strength, flexibility, coordination etc) becomes immediately noticeable. Why? Because you have a partner relying on you. Can this be scary? Absolutely, however I truly believe this is a safe environment to look honestly at yourself, find where you need to develop and take the path to self-improvement in a really supportive group setting. There’s a beautiful exchange that occurs in Acro Yoga where you work with your partner to strengthen and develop each other for the benefit of the partnership. One of my greatest joys teaching Acro Yoga at Bondi is seeing my class grow together – it’s such a beautiful thing!

3. What are the practical differences between yoga and Acro Yoga?

Quite simply, AcroYoga is done in a group! There’s a base, flyer and spotter. Like the names suggest, the base supports the flyer. The spotter provides back up to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone in the partnership are extremely important – we can’t have one without the other! With Acro Yoga, all the moves are done in collaboration. Everyone works together to do the poses – it’s teamwork at it’s finest!

4. What benefits do you see people get when they do Acro Yoga?

I talk a lot about connection – real connection. I feel today it’s so easy to be superficial, or ‘facebook’ friends but go through life without connections. I think that’s a shame. One of the main benefits I see with Acro Yoga is developing a sense of connection and trust with those who you practice with you. Acro Yoga involves a lot of trust, and a lot of touch. Of course, we always make sure our touch is appropriate and safe! But to see people grow in their trust of each other, to feel confident to hold each other and support each other – the connection honestly is something that so many of my Acro Yoga friends say benefits them the most!

The second massive benefit I see people have is an increase in their self-confidence. Exercise in general is always great for self-confidence, but not everyone likes to join a team or a gym. Acro yoga really builds a sense of esprit de corps and helps foster that team spirit. I find people who practice Acro Yoga get really comfortable with their bodies, and gain a strong sense of positive body awareness. Because there’s so much physical touch – both giving and receiving – you find your old body insecurities melt away.

Finally, another benefit would be on a more physical level: your core strength will build regardless of your position. You will see significant gains in flexibility, strength and feeling fantastic! The amount of people I practice Acro Yoga with who just walk taller and have a prouder countenance about them would amaze you!

5. Who can practice Acro Yoga?

Do I need to bring a partner? Everyone seems to look really fit and healthy!

You know Acro Yoga really is for everyone, and it progresses as you progress. At my Acro Yoga class in Sydney, I really do welcome everyone! People from all walks of life, body shapes, levels of fitness are warmly welcome to join.

You don’t need to bring your own partner. I’m really deliberate in making sure everyone has an appropriate partner to work with. I’ve developed some really keen senses and an ability to pair people together who I think will help bring out the best in each other.

6. What are some of the moves I can expect to do in Acro Yoga?

With Acro Yoga, the sky literally is the limit. In our workshops at Bondi, we start with basic Acro Yoga poses, and work through to more intermediate and advanced skills as we develop. Some of the basic poses include:

8. Where can I find more information about Acro Yoga? Do you hold Acro Yoga classes?

Yes, Victory Yoga certainly do hold Acro Yoga classes at Bondi.

We have introduction classes held in Sydney. You can see our events on our Facebook page.

We also offer retreats and private classes.  

We also offer monthly classes in Yamba, Manly, Bondi Junction.

I’d love to see you at your next Acro Yoga event at Marks Park. I promise you’ll have fun, learn some pretty amazing moves and feel GREAT about yourself!

Find out more about all our workshop and events on our:

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