How Music And Frequencies Can Enhance Your Yoga Experience

by Jun 17, 2020Guest Blogger, Silent Disco


Paul Pearlstone

Paul Pearlstone is a DJ & Music Producer. Managing Director of The Silent RaveOriginating from Sri Lanka, his travels have taken him across the world, now calling Australia home.

You may have joined some of our Silent Disco Yoga in Bondi and was wondering why we decided to add music to our experience when we have the soothing sounds of the waves to calm our mind. The reason being, music and frequency can also help you heal in a different way than the ocean. Read on to learn more about it.


From a very early age, I have always been drawn to music. I revel in its ability to make people move. Rhythm, vibration and the joy of being alive always fascinates me in how it cannot be ignored. Self-expression in its presence is undeniable.

My name is Paul Pearlstone, and I’m going to briefly discuss a few of the important things I learned and apply when I synthesize music for meditations and create calm, positive states of being. I’d like to share with you one of my recent creations.

The more I grew into my love of music, becoming a DJ and music producer, whilst simultaneously learning meditation, flow arts, and energy work, the clearer it became; that all things had some form of vibration or frequency that animated them.

Studying biology, chemistry, and physics at school, and reading scientific articles on a regular basis, gave me a scientific perspective.

The merging of these traditionally opposing perspectives; the logistical, practical, science mind with the fluidity of the forever changing, endless creative possibilities, became the unveiling of my true reality.


Matter & Sound

Matter as we understand it, is essentially composed mostly of empty space, with minute quantum particles moving, vibrating, animating and forming everything.

It is apparent to me that this empty space is also visible and experienced through music. For example, drums and guitars create sound from within a chamber, where vibrations resonate and expand outwards, to be felt.

All matter can be expressed from a singularity. However, in order for it to have form, it must span out into three directions, to create a three-dimensional object. This very law of nature proves to us that emptiness is the perfect place from which greater things can be constructed.


Let’s talk about frequencies…

All sound frequencies can be synthesised from a single beat. ‘White’ light can be split into a spectrum of colour, using a prism that refracts it, separating each frequency. Yet white light itself cannot exists without the collective spectrum of colour. Each frequency has its various effects. UV can change melatonin levels in skin cells. Infrared light is warm and can excite and invigorate us.

Similarly, studies have found that certain frequencies of sound have the capability to change brainwaves,  retrain the mind, affect cellular processes and create positive outcomes.

One particular spectrum of frequencies that come from earth’s electromagnetic field are called the Schumann resonances. They peak in the part of the field that holds an extremely low frequency. These resonances have been shown to have positive effects on humans and wild fluctuations have been known to create levels of discord or discomfort.

“Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere”. (Wikipedia)

For instance, when you take a tuning fork and you strike it, then hold another tuning fork next to it without striking it, the unstrucked fork begins to vibrate with sympathetic resonance. (you can see an example of this principle here)

Hence one vibrational frequency can tune the other, train it into harmony.  Humans, in a similar way, are Tuned to the Resonate with the Vibration of Earth.


    Another significant resonant frequency that is important is 432hz. Also called the Miracle tone, which can be used as the tone to which instruments are tuned. When an instrument is tuned at 432Hz, whatever octave the musician is tuning at, the other octaves will tune in harmony. Re-tuning instruments changes the frequency of the whole range.

    Music played tuned at 432hz often sounds “lighter” to the ear. Many theories and discoveries have been made regarding the tone, the number 432 including various mathematical formulas in nature and ancient architecture. Various resonant frequencies have been found to create certain effects on the body and mind such as:

    • Aiding in releasing stress and tension from the body and mind naturally
    • Unifying the body and consciousness with nature
    • The harmonic, pleasant nature of 432Hz music rather than 440Hz, helps release serotonin and endorphins, which stabilise blood pressure and heart rate 
    • 432Hz music helps release built up negative energy
    • 432hz tuned music is a great sound healing tool that can release negative stored toxins

    Cymatics is the study of visible patterns created by sound. When sound is passed through water, it creates shapes. The frequency it creates can be visually represented. Our body is 65%-70% water on average. Hence it is observed that frequencies have the capability to affect us both positively and negatively. Used correctly, frequencies can:

    • Help with meditation by calming the mind
    • Shift people states of being  
    • Help chronically depressed people

    Vibration and Yoga

    In yoga, we understand that the seven chakras can be energised by seven musical notes, one for each chakra. Each sound assists in the healing of organs related to that specific chakra.

    In the same manner there are various emotions related to the energy centres. The musical notations help to strengthen the positive emotions and eliminate the negative ones.

    This means that melodies and the tuning of instruments in music can be used, to influence our state of mind. Since our mind is responsible for our observed reality, we can change our perspectives, and with it, our lives.


    Music can Shift our Vibration and Change our Lives

    I run a company called The Silent Rave, and we focus on creating unique immersive experiences for people, including sound journeys and yoga. It excites me that using a combination of physical movement and stillness practices with music, we can shift our lives into new ways of being.

    I hope that you can join us on this journey towards a better life, new ways of being, and experiencing our reality. Join me now for a brief meditation for focussing the mind:

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