My Secrets for Empowering my Day: my Morning Routine

by Jan 8, 2020Blog

I get asked a lot how I manage to keep my mornings stress free. I am very lucky (and grateful) that I have always been a morning person but sometimes I do struggle getting out of bed. Do you want to know my secrets for starting the day in a positive way? I start the day with a routine that focuses on me! I’m sure many of you might think it’s selfish, or you don’t have time. I’ve found that having a morning routine that starts with me helps me feel empowered for the rest of the day.

So how do I empower my day? Read on!

1. Brush my teeth

Sounds simple enough, but overnight our mouths collect a stack of bacteria. I’ve found that brushing my teeth instantly gives me that fresh feeling, and helps protect my smile for the day. It always help me feel awake and ready to start my day. 

2. Hydrate

After brushing my teeth, I’ll drink a glass full of water at room temperature. We often wake up dehydrated, and that first drink of water is so important just to help our bodies get moving, aid digestion and rehydrate first thing.

3. Spend a few minutes in my gratitude journal

es, everyday I like to write at least three things I’m grateful for. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, or what we don’t have. By practicing gratitude, I’ve really learned to appreciate and notice the good around me. Recent entries into my gratitude journal include being grateful to live in this beautiful country, that I can practice yoga on the beach, that I had clean sheets to sleep in! You can be grateful for people, things, element of nature, etc! It sometimes can be the small things that make a huge difference in my day.

4. Meditate

eI’ve found many people often want to put this off. I only usually meditate for about 15-20 minutes, and this really helps get my in a fantastic headspace for the day. I aim to still my mind, it helps me digest any dreams I’ve had, focus on my breathing, my body and my mind. It helps me feeling more grounded throughout the day and most of all being more mindful. It’s absolutely instrumental in engaging myself and helps reduce stress and overwhelming considerably. 

5. Teach or practice yoga

I love yoga. I love the many benefits it provides. I love teaching others about yoga! When I’m not teaching a sunrise class at the beach, I’ll be doing my own session. This really tunes everything for the day and just leaves me feeling so fantastic. I feel more energised throughtout the day, as well as feeling less stressed and being able to maintain a better focus and concentration. I get such a thrill out of helping others with this too, it truly is one of the highlights of my day.

6. Brain Feeding

Yes, I love learning new things – skills, philosophy, learning for the sake of learning. I might do some reading, listen to a great podcast or do some online training. This keeps my brain nimble and helps me focus on personal development for the day.

The key for you might not be doing exactly what I do, however there are some key things effective people do in the morning, which is having a routine and focusing on self care. What is your morning routine like? Do you have a morning routine, or does life just seem to be chaotic? Coming up to the new year, a resolution may be to take back your mornings!

What do you do to empower your mornings? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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