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Feel Good Flow

27 min

A complete yoga flow to make you feel better, feel happier and put you in a better mood. This short flow can be practiced daily. It will help you release stress and anything that is not serving you as well as setting your day off for an happier day if practiced in the morning.


Immune System Flow

40 min

Boost your immune system & increase your health overall with this 40 minutes yoga flow. Yes Yoga can help you staying healthy and away from sickness.. This flow will help your cells stay healthy by reducing stress, increasing blood circulation and reduce inflammation.


Hand Balancing Flow

60 min

A slightly more challenging flow for intermediate or advanced yogis. You can still practice if you are a beginner. You might want to take more rest or variations especially in the hand balancing poses and inversions.


Upper Body Flow

50 min

A vinyasa flow to help you strengthen your upper body as well as gaining flexibility & releasing tensions. This practice will also help you get a better posture. We will work mostly on the neck, shoulders, arms & shoulder blades.

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