Six surprising benefits of yoga

by Nov 21, 2019Blog

The benefits of yoga are well known. Research has demonstrated that regularly practicing yoga is great for your body and mind, but did you know there’s some surprising benefits to yoga that people often don’t think about? At Victory Yoga, we want to support your health and well-being and have found the perfect place for a yoga session – but more about that later! So what are these surprising benefits to yoga that you may not have thought of? Read on and find out!

1. It fosters a sense of connection.

Yoga, especially in a small group can foster and support an incredible sense of connection to your inner self, but also to those around you! Practicing yoga with people in your local area helps you connect to others in a safe, supportive environment. We all crave connection with like-minded people– who might you form a connection with?

2. A huge feeling of achievement.

Without a doubt, yoga can be a gentle but also thorough workout. Picture this – you’ve set yourself a yoga goal, however big or small. Imagine being supported to achieve that goal. How wonderful is it going to make you feel? One of the reasons why we love sunrise yoga is that these small goals at the start of the day really set you up for hitting goals right through the day.

3. It’s fun!

Yoga is for people from all walks of life, levels of fitness, lifestyles and families. We talked before about yoga fostering connection, but it’s also incredibly fun to do this ancient practice with those around you. There will be funny things happen in your yoga session – lets smile through it,support each other and focus!

4. Build your self-esteem.

Yoga isn’t about competing. It’s not being better, faster, fitter or better looking than those around you. It’s simply about building your own self esteem! We don’t practice yoga simply to ‘look’ better. Looking and feeling better is a biproduct of practicing yoga. You can’t lose!

5. Practice compassion.

Yoga is an inward journey. Practicing yoga teaches us to be compassionate to those around us. It teaches us to be compassionate towards our self! Many people notice a huge increase in their resilience once they start practicing yoga. Those small annoyances seem to melt away. These come from compassion, one of the core tenants of yoga.

6. Developing gratefulness.

We have so much to be thankful for in this beautiful country of ours. Yoga helps us focus on what is really important and helps develop a sense of gratitude. We are grateful for the compassion shown to us, to the joy we experience through this practice, through developing ourselves into healthier human beings.

Sunrise brings an extra element of serendipity to life. Mix that with regular yoga and we think you’ve got an amazing combination that will help you surge ahead in life! At Victory Yoga, we meet at Marks Park for sunrise yoga. Be inspired by experienced yoga teachers who want to see you achieve your yoga goals! We know you’ll find even more serendipity with our sunrise yoga. Do you practice yoga? What unexpected joys and benefits have you found? Share in the comments below!

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