Six Surprisingly Simple Ways To Dominate Your Mornings!

by Nov 25, 2019Blog

Mornings, ergh! Who doesn’t love a good five minutes extra in bed in the morning? For many, mornings can be a real struggle. Between getting everyone else ready for the day, slamming down a coffee and making sure you’re in the right place at the right time, it can be a really stressful time. Mornings don’t have to be stress central however! There are five surprisingly simple strategies you can start using now to become a morning person. Interested? Read on!

1. It all starts the night before.

Owning your morning always starts the night before. It’s so easy to stay up late scrolling through your socials or binge-watching Netflix. Making conscious decisions to limit your screen time in the evening is a proven way to help relax your mind and body, helping you get to sleep and have a restful sleep. Current research is now telling us to get off screens up to an hour before we go to sleep. Those who practice this simple step of limiting their evening screen time report having much better days the next day!

2. Prepare for the day.

Flowing on from turning off your screens, there’s several things you can do the night before to help your mornings run smoothly. Simple things like getting yours and your children’s clothes out ready for the day, checking the calendar for the next day’s events and any food preparation are all things that can really help make your mornings run smoothly.

3. Prioritize yourself.

This is something many people find difficult – especially women looking after families! Taking time to prioritize yourself is one of the best ways you can dominate your mornings. It does take a little bit of organizing, but incorporating self-care in the morning absolutely puts you on the front foot for the day. Yoga, especially at sunrise helps support your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Many who practice yoga report considerable benefits in every realm of their life! Perhaps it’s time for you to check out something that will help put you back in your own drivers seat?

4. Have your recharge organized too!

Getting the right fuel in the morning is so important! One of the worst things you can do is grab whatever is available at home, or at the local café. Make sure you have your breakfast planned and ready with a mix of fresh fruits, nuts and superfoods. Avoid high sugar breakfasts – these might feel good or be convenient but as we all know, by 9am you’re already running on empty! It’s truly worth planning a healthy breakfast to help you dominate the mornings!

5. Set yourself small daily goals.

This is something many people don’t think about, but actually has some massive impacts on your everyday life. The Japanese subscribe to a concept called ‘kaizen’, which roughly translates to making small improvements every day. How many of us have made massive changes to our diet or exercise routine, only to fall back into the same old patterns after a few weeks? Kaizen focuses instead of smaller things. Small, incremental gains that add up to massive changes over time. And most important of all, keep track of these goals.

6. Have a routine.

The most effective people in the world have a healthy morning routine. Almost universally, these routines include elements that feed the different parts of mind, body and spirit. Things such as having time for exercise, reading, meditation and healthy eating are all elements common to the most effective and successful people. I’ll talk more about my morning routine, and the routines of effective people in an upcoming blog.

There are a stack of ways you can do to dominate your mornings. By doing simple things like having screen-free time, a little preparation, prioritising yourself and setting small goals, you’ll be a morning master in no time! What techniques do you use to put you in front in the mornings? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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