Why Yoga and Acupuncture Go Well Together?

by Jul 22, 2020Guest Blogger, Yin and Acupuncture


By Rebecca Vomackova

Have you ever heard of a class where you combine yoga and acupuncture? Perhaps the terms ‘Yin and pins’ sound familiar? Acupuncture and yoga may seem to be very different from each other, but when we dive deeper into the roots of both of these holistic therapies, we can see a strong connection in how they both boost health and vitality.. You can try one of our yoga and acupuncture classes in Sydney to experience it or just read on below where we will dive deeper into the understanding of both practices and why both these healing systems are a match made in heaven.

Holistics approaches

Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

A combination of these two therapies can create a wonderful symphony in session. A blended session may be used to facilitate healing of the mind, body and soul. An acupuncture and yoga combination is known to destress your being and ease the weight of daily life, it stimulates the internal healing mechanisms of the organs and harmonises the whole system. 

Yoga can be classified as an ancient Indian method for supporting health and has been around for thousands of years. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has also been around for nearly 3000 thousand years and is an ever-growing medical system. Both of these therapies support the idea of supporting life and health through supplementing physical, mental and spiritual health and restoring balance to the body.

Life force, or Prana or Qi..

Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

Yoga has its roots in the activation of “Prana”, whilst TCM has the concept of “Qi “, which can be agreed to be an overlap in both therapies. It can be said that Yang Qi and Yin Qi, the duality concepts behind Chinese Medicine can be understood to be similar to the concepts of Prana Shakti underpinning yoga and Indian Medicine. Qi, in TCM is described as life force or vital energy that is apparent in everything. Qi is the force that makes up and binds all things together in the universe, not only inside the body but outside as well. It is the air we breathe, the food we eat, it is in the sun and the trees. Qi also runs through our body, in channels or meridians. We have 12 regular meridians, and 8 extraordinary meridians in our body that functions in cycles nourishing the different organs and circulating Qi. The concept of Prana Shakti is also thought to be the intimate connection in consciousness, matter and energy, supporting all life. In the body, Prana runs through subtle pathways called nadis. There are 72, 000 of these pathways throughout the body, according to ancient Indian texts.

Clarifying both approaches: finding balance & improving life force

Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

Both acupuncture and yoga are usually misunderstood. Acupuncture is more than just poking needles into the body, while yoga is more than just stretching and poses. Both of these modalities work deeply into the internal balance of the body, understanding the effect of emotion, lifestyle and environment on the being. The body is made up of a network of connections that influence the individual health of the person. Both of these modalities understand the connection of internal and external symptoms, with nothing occurring in isolation. The difference between acupuncture and yoga can be seen in the method of how balance is achieved. In yoga, Prana circulated through the body via nadis (energy channels). Yoga mostly uses breath work and poses which open and stretch the body. Yoga works in a broader more generalised way of improving circulation, whereas acupuncture goes deeper, working on specific junctions and intersections or as we call them, acupuncture points in order to achieve balance within the body and organs.

Yoga, acupuncture & spirituality

Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

It can also be understood that the philosophy behind both these health modalities is deeply ingrained into spiritual health. Yoga has spiritual laws that guide the practice, helping people to develop their inner path through love and compassion for themselves and others. Yoga encourages meditation that helps to clear the mind and create positive mental attitude. This also helps to balance emotional health as well as creating self-disciple and control. Chinese Medicine is also based on spiritual philosophy and spiritual cultivation. Thorough acupuncture and tools such as meditation, Qi gong or Tai Qi, one is able to cultivate Qi and spirit, quiet the mind and get closer to ones’ true self. Acupuncture and yoga facilitate health through self-observation and release of emotional burdens while relaxing the tension in the body. When the body is at ease, and absent of dis-ease, spiritual cultivation can occur, and your true-life path becomes apparent.

Balance of the body, mind & spirit


It can be seen that both of these therapies work on balancing the body in different but similar ways. Yoga and acupuncture have their therapeutic benefits dating back thousands of years, with both still being prevalent today. These ancient medicines and health interventions have been preserved over the years, and we definitely understand why. This melding of Traditional medicine and the modern is becoming more popular among health care consumers at its ability to heal the body as a whole.

But most important of all : Heal

Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

Both of these therapies are stand-alone healing modalities, but it can also be said that yoga and acupuncture are a match made in heaven. Both therapies facilitate healing on multiple levels and together can support and enhance their healing abilities. A free flow yoga session can open the meridians and allow the flow to begin, while a subsequent acupuncture session can harmonise and enhance the effect, leaving you with a feeling of bliss.

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About the Author

Rebecca is an acupuncturist, based on the Northern beaches and now, Bondi. Rebecca is committed to helping people reach their highest potential in physical, mental and spiritual health. She believes in empowering others and supporting them on their individual health journey. While Rebecca treats a wide variety of pathologies, she has a particular interest in digestive issues, menstrual health, muscle-skeletal disorders and emotional well-being.

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